Australian Business Number  52 645 917 699
New South Wales Business No BN79791041

This page was last updated Thursday 22nd of March 2012
Helping to connect and
reconnect Gay, Asexual,
Eunuch, Lesbian, Bisexual,
Transgender, Intersex,
Queer, Supportive
Heterosexuals, Straights
and Homosexuals in the
community from Aotearoa
New Zealand, Asia,
Australia, Oceania & The
Pacific Ocean since the
25th of May 1999.

We come together in
fellowship and
friendship so that we
may grow and learn,
support each other
without passing
judgment because of
who we are. We all
have different
strengths and
weaknesses but
together we have
only strength.
We Will Not Remain Silent
GAY = Good As You!
Together We Can Make A Difference